best acne treatment Bangkok

The Best Acne Treatment in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the center of Acne Treatments in Thailand. Many beauty clinics and hospitals provide acne treatments which leads to difficulty in making decisions about which is the best choice. Therefore, we want to answer the famous question: “Which is the best Acne Treatment in Bangkok?”

How to Measure the Best Acne Treatment

To measure, we set up 3 keys criteria: 

  1. Results: We check how improved the acne is after 3 sessions.
  2. Method: We check how painful the treatments are.
  3. Consequence: We check how acne is prevented after stopping the treatments for 3 months.

The Experiment

After experimenting for 12 months, we discover that there are 4 ways of curing acne, i.e. 

  1. Using medicine that is preliminary available in hospitals and general clinics, e.g., BNH Hospital.
  2. Using laser which is available in most modern beauty clinics, e.g., Pornkasem Clinic.
  3. Using facial treatment and creams which are available in some special beauty clinics, e.g., Puttharaksa Aesthetic.
  4. Using acupuncture which is available in traditional Chinese clinics, e.g., Mae Fah Luang Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Results

Our results show that the 3rd method, facial treatment and cream, provides the best results. We noticed improvement after the first session. Besides, the treatment was pleasant. We also saw the skin texture improve after finishing the 6-session package. Amazingly, there had been no new acne after 3 months.   

There are a few clinics that offer this kind of approach. We recommend acne treatment at Puttharaksa Aesthetic. It has been established since 2005. This place provides the best results during our experiment.