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The Best Facial Treatment in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is considered one of the best places that offer good facial treatments. It is mainly because Thai people are soft and gentle so that they can provide the best service with care. In addition, the prices of facial treatments are very low compared with Europe and USA. In 2023, one facial treatment in Bangkok costs 499 THB – 799 THB  (approx. 14 – 22 USD), while in the USA costs 65 USD – 90 USD [Ref.]

What Kind of Facial Treatments are Available in Thailand?

In Thailand, you can find two types of facial treatments: facials offered in spas and facials offered in beauty clinics.

Facials in spas focus on good feelings. A treatment composes of a mask and massage. You will feel relaxed after the treatments.

Facials in beauty clinics focus on resolving facial problems e.g. acne, scars, hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles. They apply machines, e.g. Phonophoresis, Iontophoresis and Microdermabrasion, in facial treatments in order to improve skin problems.

What is the Best Facial Treatment in Bangkok?

The best facial treatment is the one that can offer both relaxation and skin improvement. This kind of treatment combines massage and machine. As a result, your skin will improve while feeling relaxed during the facial treatment. You may find such treatments at facial clinics, e.g. Puttharaksa Aesthetic.

This article is reviewed by Lawanworn Broese Van Groenou, Pharm.D.