best blackhead removal Bangkok

The Best Blackhead Removal in Bangkok, Thailand

Blackheads on the nose are more challenging to remove than other areas on your face. There are a lot of places offering blackhead removal in Bangkok. Let’s examine which is the best place to have blackheads removed.

4 Ways to Remove Nose Blackheads in Bangkok

In Bangkok, you will find 4 ways of removing blackheads on your nose. 

  1. Extraction by hand.
  2. Sucking by machine.
  3. Mask.
  4. Mask and machine.

The Experiment on Nose Blackhead Removal

Nose blackhead extraction is painful. It also may cause injury on your nose which becomes scars later. However, the results are very good. You may find this treatment at spas.

Sucking nose blackheads is not painful. However, the treatment is not effective in removing blackheads. It can suck out oil only.

Masking nose blackheads and using a pore pack to pull the blackheads out is used widely in beauty clinics. The advantage of this method is that it is not painful compared with extraction. However, for big blackheads, it is unable to remove them. 

Finally, applying the mask and machine was the first time we experienced this procedure. The aesthetician masked our noses and used a device to suck the blackheads. The machine also stimulates collagen at the same time. The results are a 50%-70% improvement after the first session. After 4 sessions, we noticed our nose pores become tightened.

We learn that removing nose blackheads with the mask and machine is only available at Puttharaksa Aesthetic.